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  • How to Join PestNet

PestNet is an informal network of people worldwide who have an interest in plant health and plant protection. Membership to the network is free. It is easy to join!

1) If using a desktop computer

In a browser, go to

Follow the prompts i.e., Go to community > Visit the Community > login page

Login using either Social media or Register an account. That means you join by clicking Facebook if you have an account. Or if you prefer to join with a Google (Gmail) Microsoft, Twitter or Yahoo account, choose one of those.

If you do not have a social media account or don't want to join using it, then register your email and a password on the right-hand side. Complete your account via the confirmation email.

There are 3 ways of viewing PestNet Submissions or Responses:

  • You can go to the website (as you have just done), or
  • Look through the email that you will get each day – the digest. It will contain all Submissions and Responses of the last 24 hours. Click on a title if there’s anything of interest to you. 
  • Look through Notifications on items that you have watched for in the menu bar to the left of your name.

Change how you want to receive emails or your watch preferences:

  • Click on your name and go to My Community Profile (
  • Fill in your details (if you want)
  • Make changes to how you receive Submissions and Responses (if you wish)
  • By default, you will receive a daily digest email of posts that occurred on Pestnet (Global watch=Enabled). Alternatively, you can set a different time to receive Submissions and Responses. If you change Global Watch=Stop then you can use 'My Watches' to select from a number of choices (e.g. users, tags, individual submissions, etc). 

Participating in the PestNet Community

Send a Submission to PestNet by clicking on the add button (white cross in a green circle, bottom right). Respond to a Submission by opening it and clicking on the reply button (curved arrow in a green circle). In each case, fill in the form. Any images uploaded with a submission or response are automatically optimised for viewing on the website.

2) If using a mobile device on a tablet or smartphone

In Google Play Store go to:

Note: An Apple iOS edition of the app is coming soon. The website edition of the PestNet application is also mobile-optimised and can be viewed via your phone or tablet.

Download the app, open it, login using either your social media account or registered account 

Tapping on a Submission opens it and tapping again closes it. Use the add button (white cross in blue circle) to send a Submission. To post a response tap on the blue Post Response button at the bottom of a submission.

Note: In both the desktop and the mobile app you can add tags to Submissions and Responses. Tags can be used for searching by clicking (or tapping) on them. An integrated search engine is also available.

If you have any problems, send and email to