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You can use the menus to search through the summaries of PestNet messages. This is not a summary of ALL the messages that have been sent to PestNet since December 1999 - there are now 8000 messages - it is a summary of those that we think are especially interesting. For these, we want to capture the information so that members (and non-members) can quickly retrieve it, rather than piecing it together from individual emails on the Yahoo!groups website. And this way you do not need to join Yahoo!groups, but if you want to see the original messages you will need to do so.

The messages are according to the four main headings and then many sub-headings:

Crops > Roots & tubers, Ornamentals, Plantation crops .........
Pests > Pest Management, Pest entities, Pest taxonomy ..............
Non-Pests > See topics
Unidentified > See topics

But there's a search engine for those who do not want to wander through all the sub, subsub, subsubsub ......... headings!

PestNet thanks CTA - Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation ACP-EU - for support in making these Summaries