Basal rot of banana, India Minimize


August 2015. Banana planted with drip irrigation in June, and then at the end cof July there was heavy rain for 5-6 days. Afterwards, many plants showed basal rots, and we gave validamycin through the irrigation system. The basal rots emitted a strong smell. What is the cause?

A paper was sent entitled: DL Tomlinson, GA King, A Ovia (1987) Bacterial corm and rhizome rot of banana (Musa spp.) in Papua New Guinea caused by Erwinia chrysanthemi.  pp. 196-199. The Abstract of the paper is as follows:

Biochemical and pathogenicity tests identified Erwinia chrysanthemi as the causal organism of a serious corm and rhizome rot of banana in lowland Papua New Guinea. The pathogen was repeatedly isolated from diseased tissue and soil surrounding diseased plants, but not from healthy corms or field soil. E. carotovora subsp. carotovora was often a co‚Äźisolate with E. chrysanthemi but pathogenicity tests indicated a minor role for this organism in the disease. Observations of disease incidence in 10 banana cultivars indicated significant differences in disease susceptibility between newly planted corms and established plants, diploids versus triploids and AAA versus ABB genotypes.