Leaf cupping Minimize

September 2005. Photographs from Guyana showing symptoms of leaf curling and yellowing on citrus seedlings recently budded at a citrus propagation nursery. Many seedling were affected. Is this merely a result of insect sucking - there were not that many aphids - or is it a definitive viral symptom; if the latter, which one. Or is it another problem we have not considered. Can the problem be remedied at this stage or do we discard the seedlings? The citrus rootstock is rough lemon.

If the leaves have been infested with dark brown/black aphids ealier, then this is likely to produce growth that is distorted later. This does not preclude the involvement of a virus. Mites are also a possibility. However, it is important to realise that the damage occurred early, perhaps in the bud and that is where the cause should be sought. Can herbicide be excluded?

See also a report from virologists in Florida, who thought that it was likely that the cupping was caused by insects, possibily aphids, rather than virus. This report is on Ecoport, but also see mesage no. 3369.