Deformed coconut, small seed, fibre only, Barbados Minimize

 November 2012. A request from Barbados. Can anyone suggest what has caused these elongated coconuts with very small seed and mostly fibre? All of the nuts on this tree are showing the same symptoms. Could it be nutritional?

The first impression of members was that the coconuts have not been pollinated. How old is the tree? Has it always been like that or is it something that has just started to happen?

Another comment was from a scientist who had worked for a long time in Solomon Islands: "In the Solomons we had a symptom similar to this. We always associated it with high numbers of the Pentatomid bug, Axiagastus campelli, on the young inflorescence, but we were never able to demonstrate this conclusively. Perhaps the suggestion that poor pollination is the correct one.

However, it is important to know if the palm has always borne deformed coconuts? Are other coconuts nearby showing the same deformity? For instance, a palm in Broome, northwest Australia displays similar symptoms. All of the nuts are deformed on this palm and have been so for many years. No one has seen any deformity in coconuts growing beside this palm and so it is likely to be a genetic problem.