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January 2007. Are there any updates on Marasmiellus inoderma causing death of germinating coconuts in seed beds, especially of Rennel Tall x Yellow Malay Dwarf hybrids. This problem has been of importance in Samoa and elswhere.

There is a long history of this problem on Malayan Dwarf and hybrid coconuts in Samoa. It was first reported in the mid-1970s, when FAO experts at the time forecast that the seed garden would be affected, and it was. A lot of fungicide trials were done in later years, but, to be successful, fungicides need to be applied regularly to the palms, and that was never done.

Another solution is to have another variety as the female parent, rather than the Malayan Dwarf. Another option is to move the seed garden to a drier location where, perhaps, the palms will not be infected to the same extent.

There is also information on cultural techniques in: Harries HC (1983) A ten point coconut nursery programme to avoid germination problems. Planter 59: 207-214.