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April 2011. A question about bagworms in Malaysia. They have been found attacking the middle fronds of oil palms. Previous outbreaks in oil palms in Malaysia have involved three major species: Metisa plana, Mahasena corbetti and Pteroma pendula .

In response, a member said that in Thailand all three species of bagworms exist on oil palm. Metisa plana Walker and Cremastopsyche (Pteroma) pendula Joannis are more common than Mahasena corbetti Tams. It was said that from the photos sent (above) it looks like Cremastopsyche (Pteroma) pendula. In response, Malaysia thought that it was not Cremastopsyche (Pteroma?) pendula. The bagworms in the photos above were too large.

A subsidiary question from the Directorate of Oil Palm Research, India asked if the Leaf webworm, Acria sp., was present in Thailand. An answer from Thailand said that two species of webworms occur in Thailand, but that their IDs are still pending; tentatively they are referred to as Acria sp. A and Acria sp. B (Lepidoptera: Oecophoridae: Vyloryctinae). They were found attacking oil palm in Thailand for the first time in 1991 at Chumphon and Surat Thani in the peninsular area. A number of braconid, chalcid and ichneumonid parasitoids, a tachinid fly and a clerid beetle were found attacking them.