Orgyia postica, oil palm, PNG Minimize

December 2009. Photos of a moth from PNG, collected as larvae from trunks of oil palm in Oro Province. They are probably lichen feeders.

These are likely to be the larva, male and (wingless) female of Orgyia postica, Noctuidae: Lymantriinae, Orgyiini.

see from the Moths of Borneo website. A photo of the larva (dark form, not the orange form illustrated above) is at

Orgyia papuana also occurs -


(see for a checklist of Papuan tussock moths). This has a broader forewing medial band, notably on the lower part (from the dorsum to the cell).

Finally, note that Lymantriidae (and Arctiidae) are now considered to be subfamilies of Noctuidae!! (Lafontaine & Fibiger 2006 - see and scroll to the bottom for more details). Major shake up, though there are further investigations on-going and more moves are distinctly possible.