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November 2017. After the paper: a novel taxon associated with Bogia coconut syndrome and banana wilt disease on the island of New guinea. was sent to member there was a question on what the paper meant in terms of the aetiology of the disease. The paper says "associated" with, this does not mean causes, but what does it mean and what are the implications for vector transmission?

As a response a member said the following: The study analysed a lot of coconut and banana sequences from Madang Province, plus one banana sequence from Western Provinc,e and a couple from betel nut palms.

Bananas and coconuts are dying in Madang Province but elsewhere only the bananas are affected. Why is this? Different insects maybe? Recent research says vectors will probably be common throughout PNG. 

The coconuts have not started to die yet? Our studies Western Province 4 years later and finding no sick palms suggests the incubation period of the disease may be long, or there is phytoplasma variation? 

Phylogenetic "trees" have been constructed, clearly separating the coconut and banana phytoplasmas from Madang Province from banana phytoplasmas from Western Province and the Solomon Islands archipelago: Bougainville and Shortland Islands.

In this paper and also in the EFSA article in September sent to Pestnet, everything is getting lumped together. IF there are important pathological differences between different members of this group, this will be a bad mistake.


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