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July 2017. In an article from Reuters, the coffee industry in Brazil is reported to be bracing for a poor year because of the ban imposed on endosulfan used to control coffee berry borer. What to do?

Two articles were sent to members: (i) https://www. foodmanufacturing.com/news/ 2017/07/beetle-infestation- jeopardizes-brazilian-coffee- harvest?cmpid= horizontalcontent&__hstc= 17104102. 00dfa9ff582cf8b17baee9c55410fd 75.1501449848644. 1501449848644.1501449848644.1& __hssc=17104102.2. 1501449848644&__hsfp= 4199755189), and (ii) https://www.chem.info/news/ 2017/07/pesticide-ban-fuels- beetle-infestation-brazilian- coffee-crop.

FAO and PAN UK carried out some studies in Central America in preparation for the global endosulfan ban, implementing an IPM approach with great success. Information can be found here: http://www.pan-uk.org/coffee-without-endosulfan/

A paper put out by UN UNEP/POPS/POPRC8/INF/14/Rev.1 valuation of non-chemical alternatives to endosulfan under the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants can be found below. 


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