Calidea dregei, Jatropha, Malaysia Minimize


August 2008. A memeber from MARDI, Malaysia reported a scutellid bugs attacking Jatropha and asked for identification. The crop was planted about a year ago and the presence of this scutellid was only detected recently.  Currently, the nymphs are only seen attacking the maturing fruits. It seemed to be a new threat to the commercial  cultivation of Jatropha in Malaysia.

One suggestion was that it was in the genus Scutellera. There are similar problems in India, and was thought to have the potential to become a major threat to Jatropha cultivation. It was said to be worse where the fields are infested with Croton sparsiflorus. In Australia, a scutellarid has been identified as biocontrol agent for the weed Jatropha curcas:

It as also identified as Calidea dregei, which is an African scutellerine that is found on Jatropha in Africa. It may be a new record for the Oriental Region.