Conchaspis angraeci Minimize


July 2002. French Polynesia asked if the scale on vanilla from Moorea was Conchaspis angraeci. If so, it would be the first record for French Polynesia. According to the literature, this scale has been recorded in Tuvalu and Fiji. C angraeci is an important pest for vanilla in the island of La Réunion.

Members thought that the picture may show Conchaspis angraeci, but it does not show enough detail for a positive identification. The scale covers are like +/-white, shallow cones with slight concentric ridging, and there is a substantial scale beneath the insect as well as on top (i.e., the scale cover is bivalved). The second instars and adult females differ from Diaspididae (armoured scales) in having legs and segmented antennae (usually with four segments).

There are 26 described species in the genus Conchaspis, and the family contains 29 described species in three genera.