How to photograph insects Minimize

April 2005. How to take a photograph of an insect was demonstrated by Cook Islands. This is what Gerald McCormack said:

"After all the discussion about cameras I thought I would wander in the garden and photograph something small as an example of what the Nikon Coolpix 5000 can do - handheld, natural light, max resolution, saved as jpg, with and without an extra lens on-front. The image of the unknown insect was taken with the extra lens, but there was very little between the extra-lens and no extra-lens images in quality. The main difference was that with the extra lens I could see what I was trying to photograph".

"I suppose some will say that 5 mm BL is a big small-insect. So I have also attached an image of a 2 mm psyllid (Heteropsylla cubana). It is sort of passable. It is around the limit for this camera handheld in natural light".

The second psyllid was taken on Jatropha and identified as Mesohomotoma hibisci.