Screening citrus, canker, Malaysia Minimize

January 2004. A question asked by Sarawak, Malaysis, on how to screen citrus varieties for resistance/tolerance to bacterial canker.

The classic papers on screening citrus for susceptibility to citrus canker are:

Pltier, GL (1918). susceptibility and resistance to citrus canker of the wild relatives, citrus fruits and hybrids of the genus citrus. Journal of Agricultural Research xiv (9): 337-357.

Peltier, GL and Frederich, WJ (1920). Relative susceptibility to citrus canker of different species and hybrids of the genus citrus, including wild relatives. Journal of Agricultural Research xix (8): 339-362.).

But also see Gottwald, T.R., Graham, J.H., Civerolo, E.L., Barrett, H.C. and Hearn, C.J. (1993) Differential host range reaction of citrus and citrus relatives to citrus canker and citrus bacterial spot determined by leaf
mesophyll susceptibility. Plant Dis. 77, 1004-1009.

The leaf enrichment test is useful as described in Broadbent, P., Fahy, P.C., Gillings, M.R., Bradley, J.K. and Barnes, D. 1992. Asiatic citrus canker detected in a pummelo orchard in Northern Australia. Plant Disease, 76: 824-829.