Papaya, discoloured fruit, Malaysia Minimize


November 2013. A problem with the colour of papaya fruit flesh reported from a backyard garden in Malaysia. The flesh of the freshly harvested fruit is discoloured with parts of it showing a deeper red. It is a bit rubbery when cut, after keeping it for 2-3 days. Other facts to note:
  • the soil is sandy, topped up with about 6 inches of yellow soil.
  • compound fertilizer is applied, a handful once every 1-2 months.
  • no herbicide or pesticide used. 
  • the same symptoms appear on two different papaya varieties, planted next to each other.
  • during the first planting, no such problem occurred. This is the second planting.
  • suspected to be a nutrient deficiency, but which one?

Later, it was said that the seed was given by a friend who obtained the seed from a local research station, which obtained the seed from overseas for govt. trials. So it is likely that the seed is hybrid.

    It was suggested that contact is made with Nature's Way, Fiji ( And another member in Guam listed a number of pathogens that could be the cause, including Erwinia and Phytophthora, as well as nutrition. However, members did not think the symptoms were of pathogens, especially Erwinia papayae or E. mallotiva, ad asked about symptoms on the leaves or stems.