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What is PestNet?

PestNet is an email network that helps people worldwide obtain rapid advice and information on crop protection, including the identification and management of plant pests. It started as a service for the Pacific, rapidly expanded to South East Asia, set up a separate service for the Caribbean, and now welcomes anyone interested in crop protection anywhere in the world. It's free to members.

Why is there a need for PestNet?

Plant pests – insects, pathogens and weeds – are always present, damaging crops grown for home consumption, domestic markets or for export. New pests can spread from country to country and threaten agricultural production and biodiversity.

If growers and plant health professionals in the region are to manage pest problems and protect their rural industries, they need access to specialist scientific and technical advice on the identification and management of plant pests. And they need it quickly and cheaply. PestNet, with hundreds of members worldwide, can help them.

Who’s it for?

PestNet has members from government and non-government organisations, universities, and the private sector, as well as farmers and students. Any organisation, group or individual can join. All they need is access to email, a question to ask, information to give, or just an interest in plant protection and being part of a worldwide network.


Topics include pest identifications from digital images, pest outbreak alerts, pest management (biological, cultural, and chemical), and quarantine interceptions.