Unknown insect, banana, Bali Minimize

August 2016. A member who had been to Bali reported seeing an insect on banana that was distinctly unusual. The said the following:

"I recently photographed and collected into ethanol this insect which was moving around on the underside of a banana leaf in Bali. I wonder if anyone can advise me on the identification of this insect which appears to be a larva living inside a wax case?

The insect moved along with the pointed end of the tube held up off the leaf and the opening where the insect protruded from (the fanned out end) was where the insect was attached to the leaf and held on".

"I have never seen such an insect before and am unsure whether it is a plant feeder or even what order of insect it belongs to.
I'd be grateful if someone can point me in the right direction and suggest what this insect is please".

There were no identifications.