PestNet Moderators


PestNet currently has several moderators. To the extent possible, PestNet’s moderators ensure that members do not receive irrelevant messages and that all requests for information and advice are answered. Please contact us if you would like further information on PestNet.

Banpot Napompeth – Banpot has worked on the biological control of insect pests and weeds of agricultural importance, and is a Country Coordinator for ASEANET, the South East Asian LOOP of BioNET-INTERNATIONAL. Currently, Advisor, National Biological Control Research Center under the National Council of Thailand and Kasetsart University. Email: [email protected].

Bob Macfarlane – Bob has worked in entomology and quarantine with national governments, regional programs and research institutions, including the use of new technologies in plant protection in the Pacific and Asia. Currently, Gizo, Solomon Islands. Email: [email protected]

Caroline Smith – Caroline has worked in plant pathology and as a secondary science teacher. She is currently a science teacher educator and education researcher and is involved in development and delivery of training manuals in plant protection in the Pacific. Email: [email protected].

Chitra Shanker – Chitra is an entomologist and has been working with the Indian Council of Agricultural Research since 1990. She has special interests in biological control, conservation strategies, pest diagnostics and pest management in rice. Currently, in Hyderabad, India. Email: [email protected].

Charles Ssekyewa – Charles has worked with the National Agriculture Research System of Uganda since 1986, serving on national and regional projects as plant pathologist. He is presently with a Chartered University near Kampala, where he has been Dean of Agriculture, and now Director of Research. His interests are integrated pest management of horticultural crops, and environmentally sustainable agricultural systems. Email: [email protected].

Grahame Jackson, Chair – Grahame has worked with national programs, regional and international organisations in the Pacific and Asia, and has special interests in plant pathogens, tissue culture, tropical root crops and plant genetic resources. Currently, in Sydney, Australia. Email: [email protected].

Guy Mathurin – Guy is an entomologist who has worked in crop protection, quarantine and pesticides management for more than 30 years in Saint Lucia and elsewhere. He is presently a consultant with FAO working throughout the Caribbean. Email: [email protected].

Losa Naivalulevu – Losa has a background in agricultural research and education having worked in Fiji and elsewhere in the Pacific islands. She has a global interest in plant protection and sustainable environmental practices from living and working in Japan and China. Now back in Fiji, and helping PestNet with Twitter (@pestnet) and Facebook ( accounts. Email: [email protected].

Peter Maddison – Peter Maddison has spent 50 years working as an entomologist in the Pacific Region. Identification and diagnostic work. In New Zealand involved in conservation and environmental work and Bioblitz and other surveys of different environments. Email: [email protected].

Mani Mua – Mani is a plant health officer at the Pacific Community (SPC) and is involved in several regional projects including Australia Aid (ACIAR- HORT:2016-185) and (ACIAR-HORT:2014-080), and NZ Aid (MFAT) Pacific Seeds for Life. He has special interests in plant breeding and plant health research. Currently in Sigatoka, Fiji. Email: [email protected].