The online app

The online Pacific Pests, Pathogens and Weeds app is freely available and can be accessed via your browser by clicking here. The home screen indicates there  are three ways to use this online App. 

1. ‘Identify Pests, Diseases & Weeds

This opens a small matrix key, divided into four windows. The top left window allows you to select certain features concerning your problem: specifically : 

  • What crop is affected?
  • Find specific disease, insect, or weed fact sheets, if you know what type of problem you are dealing with.
  • What is it that you have observed? Damage or disease symptoms; insects or mites; or weeds?
  • Where did you observe it? Above ground, Below ground, or On water?

As you make these selections, a short list of pests, diseases and weeds that meet the criteria selected is shown in the top right window.



Clicking the image for a specific pest, disease or weed opens that image and any other images that have been included. An additional click enlarges the image. Clicking on the text icon opens the fact sheet, showing all the images and clicking on the thumbnail enlarges the image and opens the gallery of enlarged images for that fact sheet.

The fact sheet text is divided into several sections: common and scientific names, distribution, hosts, symptoms and life cycle, impact, and management. The current version of the App (v9) contains 471 fact sheets.

2. ‘Full Fact Sheets’ 

Selecting ‘Full Fact Sheets’ opens up an alphabetical list of “pest” species according to their common name. Note the following:

  • If you think you know the scientific name or some other common name of the “pest”, try typing this into the Search function to locate the fact sheet.



  • You can print any fact sheet or print to pdf using the icons at the top of the fact sheet.  
  • Using the arrows (PREVIOUS and NEXT) at the top of each fact sheet you can toggle between the facts sheets remaining . 
  • You can also switch between full and mini fact sheets, as indicated at the top of the fact sheet.



3. Choose ‘Mini Fact Sheets’ 

You can access summaries of full fact sheets and, as with full fact sheets, you have search, print and PDF options.