Nezara viridula, Green vegetable bug, Cambodia Minimize

 March 2011. An insect sent from Cambodia on Jatropha. Normally, they occur singly, or in this case in pairs. There are 5-6 insects in the crown of some plants.

The insects were said to be Nezara viridula, a very destructive sap-sucking bug that is quite difficult to control without insecticides. They are very prolific in tropical countries, and cause shrivelling of young leaves, fruit, etc.

However, BEWARE! One member gave a link to:

But this is that was said about that image:

The link points to a false identification since the species displayed bears a spine on the anterior lateral angle of the pronotum and should thus be assigned to the genus Acrosternum. All too often a Green stink bug is arbitrarily attributed to Nezara viridula (L.) though the genus is rather diverse with 11 valid species, that are difficult to differentiate without an accurate examination. In addition Nezara is closely related to the genera Aethemenes Stal, Carpocoris Kolenati and Pseudoacrosternum Day. For a reliable identification I would suggest to use a recent key which includes habitus pictures, scent gland orifices and genitalia drawings: 

Ferrari A, Schwertner CF,  Grazia J (2010) Review, cladistic analysis and biogeography of Nezara Amyot & Serville (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae). Zootaxa 2424: 1-41.

In addition, it was saiad that Glaucias is a common Pacific Pentatomid, easily confused with Nezara.