Orgyia postica, Vietnam Minimize

May 7072. A caterpillar infesting peanuts in Vinh, Vietnam. The head of the agriculture department of Vinh University identified it as a Lymantria sp. It was previously identified as the Painted pine moth caterpillar. Is this correct?

As this has been collected in Vietnam, it is Orgyia postica (Erebidae, Lymantriinae, Orgyiini), a known polyphage that can reach minor pest status. In Hong Kong, a member said that he had not seen more than one or two larvae at a time. Some people find the setae urticating, so for anyone with sensitive skin, gloves should be worn when handling these larvae. Pheromone lures to catch adult males, and a single spray of Bt on the affected crop only, are likely the most effective ways to reduce the population to acceptable levels.

Another member said that it was Euproctis sp.