Pritchardia pacifica droop Minimize

At the National Tropical Botanic Gardens, Hawaii a Pritchardia pacifica palm bout 15-20 years old showed a gradual drop of the frond in the crown over several months. Another palm, Pritchardia remota, is beginning to do the same and, on Kauii, several Pritchardia pacifica and P. thurstonii used in landscaping have shown the same symptoms and the owners have cut them down.

It is possible these palms are suffering from boron deficiency. New leaves are small, not opening properly and somewhat twisted, but there is no leaf die-back, fruit/flower abortion or  leaf tip browning.

Herbicide spray has been suggested as a cause, but these symptoms have not occurred in the collection before, and elsewhere on the island nutritional analysis of the leaves shows a deficinecy
in boron.