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Phenacoccus manihot, cassava, Malaysia

September 2016. The cassava mealybug has reached Malaysia and Indonesia. The Pacific islands are warned to keep a look out for its entry to the region. A paper on the mealybug with illustrations is to be found below.

Phenacccus manihoti is already present in Indonesia (Java). For its documented distribution, see
For a detailed discussion of this pest, see:

Parsa, S., Kondo, T. & Winotai, A. 2012 The Cassava Mealybug (Phenacoccus manihoti) in Asia: First Records, Potential Distribution, and an Identification Key. PLoS ONE 7(10):e47675

This mealybug is a threat to the Pacific islands where cassava is grown. It also attacks vegetable crops. Parthenium is a favourite host. The species is easily identified because the yellow body contents turn black within 12 hours of death, even if the insects are in alcohol.

In Vietnam, a member that they use Lecanicillium against this mealy bug, which gives high control in the field. The fungus is also a parasite of aphids. jumping beetles and other mealybugs. But it has not been tried against thrips.

A member from the Federated States of Micronesia asked about the availability of the fungus. It would be good to have an additional control for the coconut and breadfruit mealybugs (Nipaecoccus nipae and Paracoccus marginatus).

Phenococcus manihot

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