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PestNet is a network that helps people worldwide obtain rapid advice and information on crop protection, including the identification and management of plant pests.

It started in 1999. Anyone with an interest in plant protection is welcome to join. PestNet is free and is moderated, ensuring that messages are confined to plant protection.

PestNet is a member of IAPPS — the International Association for the Plant Protection Sciences.

Summaries of PestNet Messages (1999-2017)

This database consists of edited summaries of posts to PestNet over the past 20 years and the responses from taxonomists, plant pathologists, agronomists or other experienced experts.

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Tales from the Pacific — blog posts

taro dasheen mosaic virus

Lethal Taro Viruses: Still Unresolved

Work on taro virus diseases began at Dala Experimental Station, Solomon Islands, in the late 1960s but, even today, the cause of the more important lethal diseases still remains unclear.

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