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Non-Pests > Nutritional problems > ?Nutritional problem (Mg or K), coconuts, St Lucia

Non-Pests Nutritional problems ?Nutritional problem (Mg or K), coconuts, St Lucia

?Nutritional problem (Mg or K), coconuts, St Lucia

April 2012. More images of coconuts with suspected nutritional deficiency from St Lucia. On this occasion the 6-8 year-old palm in question is in the north of St Lucia growing in a backyard. The area is relatively dry during December to May annually. There are neighbouring palms showing the same symptoms. The leaflets on these palms show chlorotic spots which coalesce and turn necrotic.

Note that a previous post, summarised at also showed a nutritional problem on cocnuts in St Lucia. On that occasion Mg or K were the two elements suspected as the cause from the symptoms described.

On this occasion too, a deficiency of the same elements, Mg and K, was suggested. For a deficiency of Mg, it was suggested that a NPKMg fertilizer (12-12-17-1.2) should be applied.

To distinguish between Mg and K, a member suggested looking at <> where the very different symptoms are described in some detail.

Consideration might also be given to “Bronze Leaf Wilt”. This as has been reported from the Caribbean (Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Trinidad and Venezuela) and elsewhere (Nigeria). In Nigeria, it is synonymous with Awka Wilt and considered to be a phytoplasma, but in Jamaica it was different from Lethal Yellowing and presumed to be a physiological condition. If you can access any of the publications listed below you might find some similarities.

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