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Crops > Vegetables > Eggplant > Blemishes, (African) eggplant fruit, Vietnam

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Blemishes, (African) eggplant fruit, Vietnam

August 2011. Spots on eggplant fruits sent from South Vietnam, said to be Solanum macrocarpon, African eggplant. They developed during the rainy season.

[Editor] One suggestion was Alternaria blight, managed by applying copper or Indofil z-78. This is a product that contains zineb. As such, it is adviable to consider carefully the use of this product in light of restrictions in the USA and Europe. See, for instance,, or the PANS Pesticides Database

However, the images do not show typical symptoms of Alternaria. There are many references to this fungus and the damage it causes on the Internet, e.g., Alabama Extension System: The lesions on both the leaves and fruit show a concentratric ring pattern which is absent from the pictures above.

Another possibility is that the damage is caused by loopers or armyworms, followed by fungal and/or bacterial infection resulting in the lesions shown in the photos. The markings on the leaf (second row, right) are more likely to be caused by the rasping of a caterpillar then a fungal infection.