Making a submission online

Having registered and logged in, you can now send a Submission to PestNet by clicking on the add button (white cross in a green circle in the screen shot below). 

This will bring up a “New Submission” screen (see below), where details concerning a hypothetical example has been added. Information has been entered about Location; the Post Type; and the Subject of the Post. Photos of the insect and damage can be added by clicking on “Add media”, followed by further information about the request. Note that images uploaded with a Submission or a Response are automatically optimised for viewing on the website.

Three appropriate tags regarding the pest, the crop, and the country, have been added to this submission. When you start to type a tag subject, relevant text appears allowing you to select a tag that already exists or you can add to the library of tags. Click here for more information on tags.

If your device automatically determines your location, you can click on “Visible” to make it appear in the submission. Alternatively, you can keep your location private by clicking on “Incognito”. Once you have completed the Submission details, submit the submission by clicking on “Save”.

Responding to a posting