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Pests > Pests Entities > Insects > Flies > Fruit fly > Liriomyza, Chinese cabbage (choy sum), Singapore

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Liriomyza, Chinese cabbage (choy sum), Singapore

July 2017. Images of Liriomyza species collected from Chinese cabbage, Brassica rapa var. parachinensis, sent from Singapore. Was it Liriomyza trifolii?

After several weeks, some help was given by Peter Ridland, previously at DPI, Knoxfield, Victoria. The problem with identification using images is outlined in a paper written by Peter and others. The message was as follows:

“I have attached a paper which was written as part of our ACIAR project on Liriomyzaspp. in Indonesia. Flies believed initially to be Liriomyza trifoliifrom North Sulawesi were submitted to Mali Malipatil. When Mali examined the male genitalia of the submitted flies, he found that they were not in fact L. trifoliibut that there were in fact two other species present (Liriomyza katoi and L. yasumatsui). Both these species have also been recorded from Malaysia.

“The message here is that it is not wise to identify L. trifoliifrom external morphology – certainly in Asia. Examination of male genitalia is needed. Molecular identification is another method, but again there are currently no sequences of L. katoiand L. yasumatsuion GenBank. Provisional RFLP studies in our ACIAR project did provide some ways of distinguishing the three species but further work is needed to complete the study.

“The online key that Mali and I produced in 2008 still has functioning taxon pages but unfortunately the Lucid key is currently non-functional due to Java issues with modern browsers [I hope to get a webplayer version available soon]”. keys/v3/leafminers/key/ Polyphagous%20Agromyzid% 20Leafminers/Media/Html/ Liriomyza_katoi.htm keys/v3/leafminers/key/ Polyphagous%20Agromyzid% 20Leafminers/Media/Html/ Liriomyza_yasumatsui.htm keys/v3/leafminers/key/ Polyphagous%20Agromyzid% 20Leafminers/Media/Html/ Liriomyza_trifolii.htm keys/v3/leafminers/index.htm