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Palm mite

March 2005. The red palm mite has been reported from the eastern Caribbean, namely, Martinique and Saint Lucia, and perhaps it is present in Dominica. St Lucia would like to conduct an island-wide survey to determine the species of palm attacked, the levels of infestation, the presence of natural enemies and whether any palm varieties are showing resistance or tolerance. What would be a a good sample size and how many trees per acre need to be sampled. Additionally, what are the management options. Any Information on identification, survey methods, host range, natural enemies and other management methods would be most welcome.

In India, the mite is managed using neem oil mixed with sulphur after thorough cleaning of the crown. It should be sprayed from above, 5 to 6 times per year. This is possible with a spray-head attached to a long pole. About 400 trees per day can be covered by a team of two people. Yield increases first year about 25%. Under Indian conditions, it is highly profitable method compared to chemical treatments. The use of diazophos was not very successful. Drilling holes and inserting systemic pesticide or feeding systemic pesticides through tubes attached to roots also lead to problems (fungal diseases).

The Crop Protection Compendium lists Amblyseius channabasavanni (attacking nymphs, adults) and Stethorus keralicus (attacking nymphs, adults) as predators of Raoiella indica.

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It was also reported that coconut palm yellowing in St Lucia that some entomologists have attributed to scale insect (see for example).